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Areas of Expertise

Aequus Strategy is a sales driven consultancy. The experience and expertise of Aequus’s principals and the Aequus Board of Advisors drives a multi-tiered approach to growing an organization’s public sector practice. All energy is focused on finding opportunities and helping to bring them to closure.


CyberSecurity is a top priority for the country. Congress, the President, and Industry all agree. Cybercriminals are attacking citizens, commercial enterprises, and the Federal Government. CyberSecurity initiatives are well funded for 2014.


Over the past five years, infrastructure modernization programs have been well funded. Enterprise email, data center consolidation, and cloud migration are essential for more effective Federal performance. While many traditional Federal vendors have had great strength with infrastructure in the past, Federal agencies are increasing looking to small and innovative companies to bring in game changing technologies.


In 1975, state of the art was an IBM Mainframe running COBOL applications! Who’d a thunk that the internet, Web 2.0, and mobile smart phones would turn Federal upside down. With a new Federal CIO and a Federal focus on efficiency and modernization, applications are front and center. Federal budget cuts are forcing agencies to cut costs and modernize. Agencies and Systems Integrators are open to innovative tech companies with leading edge solutions.

Cloud and Data Center Consolidation

The Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) of 2013 changed everything. Agencies were mandated to close data centers and become more efficient. At the same time, many officials started embracing clouds whether they be public, private or hybrid. IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS (Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a Service) joined the Federal vocabulary. With FedRAMP and other modernization initiatives, Cloud remains important and funded.


Federal agencies are embracing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and mobility. iOS, Android, and smart devices are putting unprecedented power into the hands of Federal employees and leaders. Further, with the Open Gov initiative, agencies have been directed to unlock data and allow citizens access. Programs for mobile are in place and likely to grow.

Social Media

US Army, CIA, and NASA are all on Facebook. Agencies are launching social media campaigns to reach out to their employees and constituents. Volumes of social data are being mined for intelligence and insight. Social and mobile are not going away. In fact, as mobile penetration and wireless speeds increase, social and mobile will continue to grow.

Big Data

Since the creation of the Personal Computer just 30 years ago during the Reagan Administration, data has exploded. Email, internet, and mobile have changed the US and the world. At the same time, the volumes of data require new tools to quickly and efficiently process and analyze data. Opportunities for commercial companies abound. Agencies no longer have the resources to do it yourself (DIY) and are looking to Commercial of the Shelf (COTS), open source, and proven technologies.

Our Process


Aequus Strategy will evaluate the market, create and assist in implementing a sustainable and repeatable process that will drive day to day operations and business. LEARN MORE

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