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Graham Forward

Graham Forward is connected. He has an amazing network and excels at connecting clients with people, programs, and revenue producing projects.

At Aequus, Graham Forward has three roles: 1) Business Development for Civilian Accounts, and Systems Integrators 2) Recruit new board members and 3) Win new clients. Graham has helped close deals with DHS, DOE, NOAA, NASA, DOI, HHS, USDA, and Law Enforcement Agencies. Graham is a master of working both the Agency and Systems Integrator sides of a deal.  Additionally, Graham has been instrumental in recruiting Aequus Advisory Board Members and connecting clients at the highest levels of the government.

Graham is a graduate of Northwestern University and has an MBA in Finance from the University of Washington in Seattle. Graham recently celebrated his 30th wedding anniversary and has three kids. His favorite activities include tennis, golf, hiking, biking, and skiing. Graham also plays a mean African drum and can carry a tune.

Graham Forward


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