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Why Aequus

Aequus specializes in Federal. We help our clients develop a Federal presence, navigate the Federal market, and grow/close Federal Business. Our Mission is to “Find and help close opportunities.”

Most of our clients are innovative technology companies from outside the DC area who are looking to turbo-charge their Federal activities. In the past 4 years, 14 of our clients have been acquired or IPO’d.

Aequus’ value to fast growing companies

  • Federal Plan. Aequus will create a specific Federal Plan for the client or supplement existing plan.
  • Aequus Board of Advisors. Powerful Board who opens doors in DOD, Civilian, Intel, and Systems Integrators.
  • Research Department. Aequus has paid subscriptions to key services, scours available data for leads, and can conducts client “special projects.”
  • Federal TeleSales, Lead Generation. Resources to make calls and generate leads.
  • Vibrant Rolodex including System Integrators, DOD, Civilian Agencies, Intel, and Program Managers.
  • Salesforce tracking and reporting.
  • Regularly Scheduled (alternate week) Team and Executive Calls to track progress and review Salesforce reports.
  • Pricing. Monthly retainer plus success fee on “registered Aequus deals.”

Aequus has been in business since 2007. We’ve had success across DOD, Civilian, Intel, and Systems Integrators.

Areas of Expertise


Aequus Federal is a revenue and margin driven firm. Our mission is simple. Help our clients make more money in Federal. LEARN MORE

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